The Lady is a Leader in spite of her Imperfections is quite impactful

It is incredibly interesting to attempt to walk in the shoes of a leader. A leader which in spite of imperfections, is still making an impact.

Imperfections are seldom recognized as a great advantage. The advantage is that you realize that your flaws are made visible in the midst of your performance as a Lady Leader. This advantage alleviates the pressure of attempting to execute your many responsibilities in perfection. Too often as a Lady Leader, the obligation of assuring deadlines are met. Delegating tasks can be critical to the success of the assignment. Valuable resources are essential for the proposed fulfillment of the project. Please take into consideration, the imperfections of those to whom the assignment was given. By remembering this important aspect, it will bring to the forefront the similarities of the Lady Leader and the individual

The Lady is a Leader Who Walks in Power

The purpose of this blog post is to remove the pressure from each Lady Leader who has felt the need to perform on a stage of which you don’t have the capability to maintain.

Making an impact through the imperfections

Recognizing and acknowledging the flaws and imperfections allow liberty. Removing the superwoman cape allows you to be the Lady Leader who God called you to be.

Faith to reveal the Imperfections

In the midst of exerting the responsibility of being a Lady Leader. It is imperative that you recognize that your imperfections are there to help others believe that they can lead regardless of their insecurities. You are placed in your position in order for your weaknesses to be revealed to those around you. However they only see the strength, yet you know the imperfections.

From one Lady Leader to many others

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The Lady is a Leader and She Embraces Compassion

As a Lady Leader there are numerous facets and responsibilities. These various assignments in some instances are very important to the development of both the Lady Leader and the recipient. Compassion is vital in the life of each Lady Leader. The manner in which compassion is displayed or embraced is quite unique. Compassion is such an amazing element. Compassion may be compared to a much needed ingredient. The ingredient which you didn’t know was needed. However if the ingredient is missing from the recipe, you are now aware that hmm, something is missing. Compassion is the much needed ingredient in the recipe of a pragmatic alliance.

Recapturing valuable moments

The expression of compassion varies widely. Compassion readily approaches diverse conditions with the heart to deliver a positive outcome. Compassion looks far beyond the surface of the circumstance and searches for the underlying source. Compassion searches deep into the hidden areas of pain, anger and distrust. Compassion reaches within and applies non-judgmental empathy

Compassion listens with the ear of kindness and a heart of consideration.

Compassion enters with gentleness, offers hope and leaves with an open door to progression.

Compassion Expressed

A hug, as expressed in the accompanying image, leaves a door open to receive, if needed. Compassion has the dynamic potential to provide strength in the most soothing demeanor.

Engage in the arena of embracing tools and concepts that strengthen your awareness of areas where compassion is needed.

Compassion has the capability to transform bitter into better, if given the opportunity. Compassion has the potential to rearrange fear into faith.

From one Lady Leader to many other Lady Leaders.

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The Lady is a Leader and She Evolves

One of the amazing attributes of a Lady Leader is that, each Lady Leader brings her own flavor and unique perspective to the room.

The room may be the boardroom, the classroom,  the laundry room and possibly the operating room, literally or metaphorically.  The operating room in which the Lady Leader exercises her surgical skills is in the unique perspective of making mature decisions.   Creating a safe and secure environment to operate is a must. She also is faced with the fact that her decisions may be critical to a life altering experience. The landscape of evolving has transformed dramatically. What was once seen as a simple approach is presently viewed as a major objective. An objective to be considered so valuable that its footprint may become a defining indication of future challenges.

The art of evolving is a process that is not taken lightly.  Careful and precise thought is given to each model of evolving. The image of the stages which are developed in each phase alerts the impact these stages make upon each individual.

Nothing is lacking in the complexity of the perspective of the mature concepts of the phases required.

Evolving is a process that is to be completed over a period of time. When the evolving procedure is rushed. Many of the much needed nutrients required are not allowed the proper time to develop.

Evolving and Solving

As Lady Leaders evolve. The techniques applied to solve the numerous and diverse conditions of infractions and conflicts vary.

What was applicable the initial phase, may not be applicable in this present stage of evolving

Embrace the difference and celebrate the growth.

Welcome, the new and evolved you. The principles learned are valuable keys to success in life.  Christ has brought you this far and Christ will always be with you

From one Lady Leader to many other Lady Leaders

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The Lady is a Leader and She Submits to Wisdom

She opened her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs 31:26

With such a monumental occasion on the horizon. With such excitement in the air. I felt that it would be appropriate to reflect upon how the birth and journey of the Lady Leader has evolved.

The Lady Leader Academy was birthed through the birthing  canal of the Women of Power Network . Vision of Life Ministries is the surrogate of each. Vision of Life Ministries provided the nurturing and care of a women’s ministry and wellness center. The Lady Leader component provided a safe incubator for Lady Leaders to thrive, develop and interact with like minded Lady Leaders. This interaction became an environment of safety and security. These Lady Leaders could identify with the challenges each Lady Leader experienced. The Vision of The Lady Leader began to outgrow its physical location. The impact of  The Lady Leader outreach potentially was of such a great magnitude, that its footprint required a representative that would serve as a missions officer. In the posture of availability, I answered in the affirmative, here am I, Lord send me. As found in the foundational passage of The Lady Leader. Proverbs 31:26.

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The Lady is a Leader and she is Compassionate

The Lady Leader places great emphasis on being compassionate.  One of the initial reasons that she reinforces compassion so strongly is because of our human nature.  Our human nature is to help others. Yet somehow we amazingly overlook incredible opportunities to extend compassion. It may not have been intentional. More than likely, it was an oversight.  The Lady Leader takes this into consideration, and does her best to become more observant. She is aware that at some point in life, professionally or personally each person will encounter a situation where compassion is vital. She realizes that she also will need compassion extended to her. There are several variables present . There are theories, concepts and principles being exhibited. Lets look at the spiritual principles.  One, direct narrative being St. Luke 6:38 which states Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down shaken together, running over shall men give into your bosom.

Have ever experienced a massive wound so deep, only your bosom could conceal it, only your bosom could contain it? Yet the Lord would send someone with an amazing incredibly running over amount of compassion, and by the obedience of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Holy Spirit repaired the wound. The second principle is  Galatians 6:7-8 Be not deceived, God is not mocked. You shall reap that what you sowed.

Another principle is the

The Lady Leader unconsciously is receiving a portion of the harvest. From that which she has shown  others.

Empathy is a key component of compassion. Empathy reaches within the wounds of others and becomes the ears and eyes being used to deliver a template for peace. Empathy listens without being judgemental. Empathy becomes the compassion someone else needs.

The Lady Leader places priority on how others are blessed as a result of her compassion and empathy regarding their situation or condition.

Encouragement is also a vital element of compassion. The encouragement is also recognized as  a way to uplift someone who may be experiencing a very discouraging day. As you read this blog entry,  I encourage you to imagine that this blog entry was written especially for you. By the way , since you are reading it. Consider it a priority gift of compassion being presented to you from our Father who loves you so much that He used one Lady Leader to bless you specifically among others.

The Lady Leader
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The Lady is a Leader and She acknowledges the difference between permanent and temporary.

The Lady Leader

The status of the adjective permanent acknowledges that there is great intent for a current condition or circumstance to remain in its present status.

When viewing the word permanent, please take into consideration the definition does not take into account that with God nothing is impossible. Without Him the situation is clearly unexpected to change. The word permanent amplifies an unchanged condition. Therefore recognizing the difference between permanent and temporary is of vast importance. Understanding the difference between the two has great significance. There are rewards in some cases. There are also consequences attached in other situations. The latter is quite unfortunate and may cause damage to the credibility of The Lady Leader and the variables of the relationship. These variables that are associated with the parties involved may not necessarily relay the same dynamics. However I would rather place emphasis on how The Lady Leader addresses conflict in a posture which would result in a positive outcome.

Many challenges may be avoided by exercising temperance. Should the atmosphere become a toxic environment, the dynamic is to initially de-escalate the situation.

As a Lady Leader cautiousness coupled with discipline must be operative during intense dialogue. In any scenario where there is an element within the course of the conversation which may potentially introduce a source of conflict. These fragile areas are to be handled with care, if the encounter is unavoidable. In this case, the Lady Leader must initially take into consideration, the vulnerability which is present. An unharnessed statement has the potential to unleash a permanent wound. This wound may regrettably become engraved in the heart of both participants. The source of the wounds inflicted by both individuals may have possibly been avoided if prayer and asking for guidance was initially requested before the conversation began. However I am not ignorant to the fact that there is still an opportunity for the proposed temporary condition to become semi-permanent. This in numerous occasions provides an allowance of time needed to calculate the value of the relationship, while also evaluating the relational issues to assess if the relationship is permanently severed. This may also become a great opportunity to perform an analysis regarding the dynamic of the relationship. An assessment may bring into focus the acknowledgement of permanent or temporary.

In a toxic environment, it is difficult and almost impossible, except for the grace of God to reconcile the relationship. In the midst of a temporary conflict, please be aware of the level of toxicity.

I celebrate the Lady Leader for her diligence in seeking the Lord for divine wisdom and guidance. Be reminded of the fact that we each are unique individuals. We have different perspectives, opinions and distinct personalities.

The Lady is a Leader and she is acknowledging while learning the correct manner to address the difference between permanent and temporary. She most certainly acknowledges that these two elements exist. The process of learning how to appropriately and accurately approach the apparent different components of temporary and permanent is critical. These elements are both weighted dynamics with distinctive characteristics.

We learn daily by trial and error. We learn daily by experience. We learn from our mistakes and from our achievements.

I hope that this blog entry is an eye opener for each Lady Leader and those associated with a Lady Leader. Be reminded that we are ever learning. Attention should be brought to view that the Lady Leader is first and foremost, a person capable of errors and mistakes.

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The Lady is a Leader and she is Consistent

The Lady Leader blog is a consistent reminder that most of us are leaders in diverse capacities. This blog is geared to encourage you. This blog is also to provide a forum to reflect upon our many mistakes. Acknowledging mistakes, growing from them and moving on is a direct result of progress. You may become the Lady Leader who speaks into the life of another Lady Leader and share your experiences and remind her that pencils have erasers, tablets have back space and delete keys. Speak to her consistently if needed and encourage her by sharing that our lives have several chapters and volumes. Advise her not to be held hostage to a flawed episode of her life

Consistency is one of primary dynamics found in the characteristics of a Lady Leader. Consistentcy coupled with reliability is a fundamental element of the Lady Leader. Integrity stems from these basic principles.

One aspect of consistency is the ability to arrive, and execute a decision in a defined and scheduled time on more than one occasion. It is imperative that the Lady Leader acknowledge the importance of incorporating the advantage of utilizing the skills of a team effort to effectively fulfill the requirements.

Leading is not always delegating. A team is more equipped to provide effective assistance when they have observed the heart of the Lady Leader. The leader displays the heart of a leader by example. Principles and policies are executed with precision when the Lady Leader exemplifies qualities of empathy, and respect. By providing an engaging environment which welcomes team members to present

proficient concepts and ideas, without reluctance.

A leader exemplifies qualities of leadership by demonstration. A volume of respect is gained by the team’s observation of the Lady Leader.

The standard of what is expected stems from the standard the Lady Leader displays.

A Lady Leader’s atmosphere is designed by the manner she conducts herself. The Lady Leader’s foundational passage is Proverbs 31:26 She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

Tone is also of utmost importance. The consistency of demonstration of temperance is a vital element in leadership.

Team members should not expect the Lady Leader to be overly joyful in moments of displeasure. However the team should with consistency expect and receive the respect that the Lady Leader exemplifies to her team.

Everyday will not flow as planned. The manner of how you address the frustration when the flaw of the plan is less than anticipated.

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The Lady is a Leader and she is Confident

As a Lady Leader who has acquired over three decades of experience, the wisdom gained and lessons learned has brought me to this place of confidence. Mind you throughout the years of being submitted and serving in ministry, educational and marketplace endeavors engraved upon my heart the ability to lead with confidence and respect of myself and a respect for those whom I was chosen to lead. As you enter into a distinctive phase of your life, confidence in Christ should become your constant companion. A great factor which lies in the center of confidence is the ability to translate comprehensively the fact that it is through the grace of God, which strengthens our ability to present authentic confidence.

Nothing is more disturbing and harmful than to mature in age, and remain immature in Christ. Confidence is not a handbag. Confidence is not a brand. Confidence is the blessed assurance that you have great potential. Potential which is developed by experience, consistency, and yes, by trial and error. The Holy Spirit will cover you in many of those periods of error. It is of great importance that you recognize that it is by the grace of God that your confidence is developed. Arrogance and haughtiness are elements which distract the purpose of your destiny. These negative elements also display demeaning and unwise displays of negative characteristics. Confidence enters with grace and exits with dignity. Confidence breathes excellence. Confidence does not inhale intimidation, nor does confidence exhale envy.

Confidence builds a community of wealth. Which consists of those who dispurse wisdom freely. Confidence creates an atmosphere which those who enter may become comfortable in sharing their experiences so that through their life’s mistakes someone may gain information which deters them from making the same mistake. Confidence is a quality which through Christ is a priceless asset.

Confidence is also strengthed by being exposed to familiar and unfamiliar conditions. When you and I remain confident in the midst of those who don’t have the same experiences that we’ve experienced. In that moment of diverse representation, and we remain confident, there lies a strength accompanied with the reality of the Holy Spirit which guides our paths with authenticity.

Confidence in who you are, and who you are not is one of the greatest characteristics that we embody.

Confidence is a quality which stems from prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the consistency of faith.

The Lady is a Leader and she is confident.

Confidence with Compassion

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The Lady is a Leader and a Visionary

One of the most complex components of a Lady Leader is the ability to translate comprehensively the vast amount of thoughts and concepts, which as a visionary seems simplistic in nature. However in the realm of faith, the primary dynamic of the thoughts may appear simplistic to the visionary, yet as the numerous facets of the vision unfold, that which has been in the reservoir of thoughts which seemed simplistic, has now evolved into a complex multi-faceted life altering experience. An experience which is so magnificent that it would need the guidance of the Holy Spirit within the Lady Leader to effectively fulfill the assignment to exemplify leadership skills and Holy Spirit gifts and qualities to bring the vision into fruition. Being endowed with the anointing to approach such an opportunity is receiving grace for the gift. How daunting, how intimidating the vision may seem to the Lady Leader. It is at this very important moment of the vision, the visionary must remember that the vision is a God given assignment. The visionary must also never equate the vision with the manner in which the world equates success. The visionary and Lady Leader must always have in the forefront of their mind. That without the authority of God, without the direction of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the effective outcome would not be in existence. The Lady Leader has the capability of becoming a visionary only by the grace of God.

Dr. BJ Relefourd

The Lady Leader

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The Lady Is A Leader and She’s Found the Roll (Role) of Redemption

The role of redemption consists of three critical components.

A. The birth and the extenuating circumstances surrounding it.

B. The death and the extenuating circumstances surrounding it.

C. The resurrection and the extenuating circumstances surrounding it.

Each played a major role in the redemption of our souls.

The prophecy as spoken in the Old Testament had to be fulfilled

The birth had to take place in the manner of which it did. With all of the extenuating circumstances being presented in the exact order as described in the Old Testament prophecies. No detail was left unturned. Each incident was documented fully and precisely.

The death had to take place in the manner of which it did. With all of the extenuating circumstances as described with extensive details.

The graphic expression of the crucifixion created a clear and horrific death.  A death which consisted of cruel and unusual punishment, ridicule, mockery
so inhumane that the Savior cried out in a loud voice. In the Latin dialect.  My God have you forsaken me? Even in this grueling pain and suffering Christ gave his life for our redemption beyond all the extenuating circumstances surrounding the moment

C. The resurrection
had to take place in the manner of which it did with every critical display and details to make sure that we knew the depths taken on our behalf to redeem us from eternal destruction. While He could have given the angels charge to remove him from the death. He chose to die.
To solidify the purpose of His birth.
He rose with all power in His hand.  Make no doubt about it.  When the stone was rolled away.  So was our sins,  our shortcomings, so was our hurt,  so was our misfortune. 
The Lady Is A Leader and through Christ she has found the role of redemption as the stone was rolled away.

The role of redemption has a most influential attachment to the rolling away of the stone from the tomb.

Without each of these acts as explained in the scripture. The road to our redemption would have never transpired. I am so eternally grateful for the role (roll) of redemption. I am so glad that He rose.

I am so glad that He lives in me.

The death had to take place in the manner of which it did.

The res

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